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4MIX Portable field mixer 4/2
Amazing sound transparency, State of the Art circuitry,
incredible 24/32 hours autonomy per battery set,
light weight and compact design, ruged construction,
instinctive and natural use (no computer onboard)
for video, movie production but also on location classical music recordings

NEW FEATURES : VARISTAGE (tm) stereo boom remote control and MS matrix

-"4Mix" location mixer : 2400 Eu ttc + pack. & ship. 18Eu
-"PortMix" brace for 4mix : 70 Eu + VAT
-"Betasnake" 5m, for 4mix : on demand

IM2 XLR Pro The Reference since 1994
includes exclusive features like 2 phantom powered mics inputs, dual two pole Bass filters. Get two professional soundtracks with your camera. Fits all video camera & sound recorders
technical info IM2, tips
No hum, no noise, no ground problems : this is a professional adapter.
Features : 2 XLR inputs with locking, AUX input minijack, mic/line switch, phantom mic power, 3 steps low cut per channel, step free volume control per channel, ultra compact metal case .... weight 350g only including batteries

- IM2 pro XLR : 290Eu + pack. & ship. 18Eu
- IM2 mounted bellow camera see Reporter & MiniRep

ECM 3005 Electret tie clip microphone
- super quality for minimum price
- includes, wind protection, clips and 1,5V power supply (battery non included)
- 4 meter wire with mono 3,5 minijack plug
- omnidirectionnal

- Micro ECM 3005 : 36 Eu + pack. & ship. 10Eu

Pro Clip Mic system fantastic build quality and value

Miniature lavalier electret microphone range, low noise, metal body.
All the PCM mics have a mini-XLR terminated wire to plug in the given with metal XLR3 adapter.
Acceptance for 12V to 48V phantom power supply

Ref. diameter patern cable color Fr response sensibility noise windschield
PCM3009mmOMNI6 mblack40/16KHz.4mV/Pa-55dByes 1
PCM4017mmOMNI1,2 msilver20/20KHz.10mV/Pa-63dBno

- Microphone PCM300 : 98 Eu + pack. & ship. 18Eu
- Microphone PCM401 : 98 Eu + pack. & ship. 18Eu

InTegral 2 Professional "hands free" shoulder brace
more pictures
- adjustable to match big as small camcorders & videographers
- shoulder and hand grip made of low drift rubber
- large body pod for maximum stability and comfort (see pictures)
- zero force applied on the breast
- weight 900g
- outstanding stability

- InTegral 2 shoulder brace : Europe 198Eu ttc + pack. & ship. 18Eu

LaCrosse Professional compact shoulder pod
more pictures
- adjustable to match big as small camcorders
- shoulder and hand grip made of low drift rubber
- can also be used as a table tripod (see pictures)
- fully made of aluminium : weight 500g
- folds to be carried in a small bag

- LaCrosse shoulder pod : 120Eu ttc + pack. & ship. 18Eu

PS80 : 4x4" Single Filter Stage MatteBox
Professional lens shade 4x4" filter holder for wide angle lens
more pictures
- lens mounting diameter : clips on 80mm lens
- size : 135x110x50, weight : 120g made of special form memory rubber
- fit lens : Canon WD-58 , Century VS-06WA, VS-07CV, DS-65CV, and any 80mm lens
- acceptance of one standard 4x4" glass or resin filter, 2mm thick
- professional looking : Movie style
- highly affordable (four to ten times chearper than other matteboxes)
- if you don't have it, everybody can see it ...
- other diameters possible (65 to 90 mm) minimum Qty 20 pc

- PS 80 4x4 DV matte box : 0Eu ttc SOLD OUT + pack. & ship. 18Eu

Reporter ©
Complete system all in one for standard size DV camera (VX2000, PD100, GL1, Panasonic ...)
includes camera base + IM2 pro XLR adapter + ergonomic rubber gripp handle + microphone suspention more pictures

- Reporter all in one : 340Eu + pack. & ship. 18Eu
total weight 630g with batteries
- "Repmic" (without IM2): 60Eu + pack. & ship. 18Eu
total weight 280g

StaLiCam © Stabilizer for Light Camera
Thanks to the Dual handle you get a perfect and secure gripp on the camera: this is the first step to fluid motion. Get full 6 axes control on your camera. Move from the floor to the ceiling in one second ! Make incredible travelings impossible to make with any other unstable pendular stabilizer. Drive your camera like a submarine ! No additional weight required, Stalicam weights 480g only. The weight of the camera itself provides the pendular stabilization. This is even improved when the IM2 adapter is attached bellow.more pictures

- Stalicam : with 1 mic suspention 120Eu + pack. & ship. 18Eu
- Stalicam with IM2 : 410Eu + pack. & ship. 18Eu
- Stalicam PRO with schoulder belt on top of the handles : 149Eu + pack. & ship. 18Eu
- Stalicam PRO with IM2 : 439Eu ttc + pack. & ship. 18Eu

SuperFix © Shoulder pod
for all DV cameras including the very heavy Canon XL1. Have a look to this videographer with his two hands in his pockets ... an XL1 on his shoulder, like a bird ! Total weight 700g

- SuperFix all DV 99Eu + pack. & ship. 18Eu
For all standard camcorder (JVC GY-DV300, Sony PD100/150, VX2000, Canon XM1, Panasonic..)

- SuperFix-XL1 NON AVAILABLE + pack. & ship. 18Eu
Fits Canon XL1 only

BiCam & TriCam One operator can hold 2 or 3 DV cameras.
BiCam & TriCam will multiplicate your creativity : now you can have 2 or 3 different angle of view per camera operator: more than enough to give some additional punch to your movie. When editing, you choose the angle you prefer, mix them, switch from one to an other. With two cameras (and filters) you can even make 3D videos !!!!
Include one rail, two rubber handles, two mic suspentions and 2 or 3 adjustable mounting brackets.

- BiCam : 290Eu + pack. & ship. 18Eu
- TriCam : 390Eu + pack. & ship. 18Eu

Bodycam Vest/body pod.
The camera is maintained rigidly to the body. It allows the operator to put his two hands in the field of view (driving a motorcycle, cooking, strangling the hero ...) Includes 3 adjustable belts and 2 wings to prevent from lateral motion. For all standard or mini cameras. more pictures Weight 710g

- Bodycam : 310Eu + pack. & ship. 18Eu

Palmer Compact below-camera handle bracket
the ultimate super strong pistol grip
Ergonomic rubber gripp handle to hold your DV in "the purest mid 70's Super8 film camera style". Simply screwed under the camera. 32 deg. angle with the camera's body
Also optional handle for SuperFix shoulder brace. Weight 140g more pictures

- Palmer : 50Eu + pack. & ship. 18Eu

Super Lcd © Sun hood for Lcd screen.
Let your Lcd be the view finder even under the sun. Easy to unfold and attach, ultra flat in your bag : weight 20g ! Much better than trying to shield the screen with a hand ! more pictures

- 8x6 cm (PD100, ...) 30Eu + pack. & ship. 5Eu
- 7x5,2 cm (PD150, JVC GY-DV300...) 28Eu + pack. & ship. 5Eu
- 6x4,5 cm (PC100, XM1, GL1...) 26Eu + pack. & ship. 5Eu
- any dimention on request, minimum Qty 10
- carefully handcrafted in our workshop

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